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Good samaritan gets scrooged Calgary what goes around doesn’t always come around. Weeks after she returned a cash filled wallet to its rightful owner, a single mom from calgary is hoping christmas karma catches up with a thief after someone pilfered the contents of her wallet while shopping at chinook centre. “I’m guessing it was his mom who answered and she gave me his cellphone number in calgary,”She said. “He lived right by the gas station so we took it back down there. “When i called him, he hadn’t even noticed that it had gone missing. ” Wanting to make sure the owner got his wallet back intact, webster drove it to the appreciative man’s house. “You never know the more hands it passes through, someone might take something out of it,”She said. Fast forward to saturday and it was webster who was in need of a good deed after finishing holiday shopping with her two year old son, caleb. “I loaded the stroller and everything in my car and went home and didn’t think anything of it until i went to fill up with gas later,”She said. “That’s when i realized i don’t have any money. ” Retracing her steps, webster knew she had her wallet while at chinook centre, so she started there. “I called security and they said, ‘oh yeah, someone handed it in’,”Said webster. “When i went to get it, it had my id and everything in it but my cash and movie gift certificates were gone. ” Normally conscientious about how much money she carries, webster had cashed a child support cheque earlier that day, which was gone along with nine movie theatre gift certificates she’d bought. “Especially at christmastime, i get that everyone wants extra money but taking it out of someone’s wallet isn’t always the best way to go about it,”She said. “It was nice to at least get the id back.

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